So we figured we would make some more updates and make ourselves more available to our readers!!! Seeing as we are growing more and more by the day, we have created an AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) account, which will allow you all to get in touch with us on a real-time basis!  This also makes for some small talk, some idea sharing, and some talk time with the readers on the blog!  Below, we will list all of our contact information, and feel free to either drop a comment on here leaving your contact info, or just adding us and messaging us!!! (If you do message us, then let us know who you are, and if you are from a blog, let us know which one!!!) Thanks for everything, and we hope that these new installments will better the blog experience for everyone out there!

AIM Screen Name: TGLR007

E-Mail (SoSickWitItYo): sickwitityo@gmail.com

Twitter: TGLR 
  • Feel Free To 'Follow' Us, If You Do, Leave Us A Message, & We'll Follow You Back!!!
MySpace: ThaGoodLifeReviews
Facebook: COMING SOON!!!

Again, Feel Free To Get In Contact With Us, We Will Be Sure To Respond On A Timely Basis!!!

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