You can only stay undefeated for so long... Last night marked Osgoods third loss in a Stanley Cup Finals series.  He is the current leader with the best record in Stanley Cup Finals history.  He is now 10-3 in Cup Finals games.  Last night wasn't solely his fault though.  The defense wasn't that bad either, it was all those penalties that the Wings took.  Pittsburgh scored half their goals (really two-thirds if we don't count the empty net goal) on the power play.  The Pens are deadly on the power play and the Wings need to be more weary of that in the next two games, seeing as they need to at least win one of the games to keep them ahead in the series.  I don't see the Red Wings losing at home in this series, so if they steal a win from Pitt on Saturday, I think we all know that the Wings will be the next Stanley Cup victors (again).  Anyway, last nights game was extremely entertaining, a whole lot of fun to watch and I can thoroughly say I was very entertained!  As of right now, I am trying to find tickets to buy for Game 5 in Detroit, if you know where I can get some (for a somewhat reasonable price!) let me know by leaving a message in the comment box, or e-mail me!  Let's hope for a Red Wings win in Game 4 and 5... OH, and by the way, GO WINGS!!!

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